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Master Comp. Monster Tone.
BC1 is not like the standard bass compressor pedal. Not by a longshot!
Most bass players use the compressor as an effect. Placed between the instrument and the amplifier.
We like the idea of using a compressor as an always-on Master Compressor – at the end of the signal chain. A compressor that tames and gently shapes the overall dynamics, giving you a pristine bass tone that makes you sound better, sit better in the mix and simply makes playing more fun!
BC1 is a 100% analog Master Compressor that makes the output from your strings more even and brings out all of the small nuances in your playing.
As far as we know, no other compressor pedals on the market are able to handle the signal level required to function as a Master Compressor. The compressor pedals we know of provide unbalanced instrument levels. When you use the Line In on BC1, you’re in the balanced line level domain.
In fact, think of it as a high-end rack compressor that you would use in the studio – but disguised as a pedal built for touring!
That is (part of) what makes BC1 unique – and why we need to have a conversation about what a compressor is supposed to do when used as a musical tool that handles your overall dynamics.

Caveman Audio BC1

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Caveman Audio BC1