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Fender Victor Bailey Acoustic
Victor needs no introduction. Over the last 30 years he has been one of the most in-demand players since he replaced Jaco Pastorius in Weather Report.
His signature electric Fender Jazz Bass is capable of producing a vast array of useable tones.
When Victor decided he needed an acoustic bass, he designed with the Fender team a bass that would not only look good, but also would sound great and would play just like his electric.
Maybe that is the reason why this bass is so easy to play. Access to all 22 frets is not restricted as in other ABG’s.
The back of the body is arched to project the acoustic sound in unplugged situations.
Plug it in, and you will be rewarded with a warm sound that is full, detailed and simply beautiful. The Fishman piezo pickup is run through an effective 4 band preamp. There’s also a soundboard transducer that captures the nuances of your performance and can be mixed with the piezo to suit your taste and style.
The headstock houses 4 light gold Hipshot tuners, and the front shows a nice logo of Victor himself for a distinctive yet discrete look.
Padded gig bag included.

Fender Victor Bailey Acoustic

Fender Victor Bailey Acoustic

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