• Behringer Toro

Get ready to run with the bulls because a venerable classic synth is now back and made more accessible and affordable to everyone! Introducing the Behringer TORO, an authentic recreation of the legendary Taurus I made popular by Rush, Genesis, Dream Theater and Yes to name a few. Now all those iconic tones can be yours.


Faithful to the Original


Being able to deliver massive detuned sounds thanks to its 2 VCOs allows the TORO to instantly produce that classic earth-shaking rumble of the original. The TORO isn’t just great for getting great bass sounds. Thanks to its 5-octave range, you can also get some nice searing lead sounds.


The TORO comes with 4 sound presets starting with the classic Toro, Tuba and Bass presets which have been carefully recreated to sound just like the original as well as Variable, which gives you access to all controls so you can shape and fine tune your sound.


Behringer Toro

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Behringer Toro