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What an impressive instrument.
This bass just ozzes class, quality, and is a pure working bassist's instrument.

As you know, Darryl Jones is the bass player with that old band...what's their name... The Rolling Stones. Apart from this, Darryl has played with an impressive number of top artist, so he had a clear idea when he designed his sisgature bass with Lakland: tone, tone and more tone (oh well, and some vintage looks as well).

O.K., it is a recreation of a Vintage Fender, like many others, but please note:
1 It is well done. Not only does it look vintage with its matching headstock and block inlays, but it is perfectly built. No dead spots, perfect weight and neck.
2 Soundwise, it delivers a great punchy tone from its Aero passive pickups that is reminiscent of vintage axes. You get that familiar growl that is so hard to find unless you buy a vintage Fender or maybe a Custom Shop instrument that will sell for several grands.

In my opinion, this is one of the best sounding basses in my shop. I just cannot put it down.
I have to admit I am a Marcus Miller fan (who isn't?), and I love the Fender Marcus Miller signature bass (always in stock at, but I am sold on the Lakland Darryl Jones bass. It is easy to get the same Marcus tone from this bass, but is it far more versatile, weights less and has one extra fret compared to the Fender.

The low B is as good as ever with Lakland. the 35" scale makes it possible to get a punchy 5 string bass that manages to retain all the vintage Jazz Bass flavour.

Lakland Darryl Jones 5 (Black)

Lakland Darryl Jones 5 (Black)

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