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This instrument is a true hybrid between a guitar and a bass, and has an interesting history behind it. Fender released the Fender Bass VI back in 1961. The idea was to offer guitar players the possibility of playing bass with an instrument that was tuned just like a guitar (only one octave bellow), and also offer bassists the possibility of playing solos. It also followed the idea of Danelectro's 6 string bass (released in 1956), which was heavily used for Surf and Country Music.

The basic design of the Bass VI was identical to a Jaguar guitar, except it had 3 single coil pickups and a longer neck (30"). The instrument never really enjoyed popular success (with the exception of Cream's Jack Bruce) and was discontinued in 1975 along with the Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitars.

This instrument is a Jaguar Bass VI Custom, and has a shorter scale (28'5") and a Jaguar body and electronics. Strings are 25-35-45-55-75-95 , and it is again tuned one ectave bellow guitar. It comes with a fixed bridge, so you don't need to worry about tuning issues.

You can look at this instrument as a way to produce new and exciting tones, but you can also use it to play standard bass lines (it is easier if you use a pick). Jazz and Bossa comping sound surprisingly well. Add a fuzz or overdrive pedal and you'll get into a new and exciting sonic territory.

Fender Jaguar Bass VI Custom

Fender Jaguar Bass VI Custom

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