This is the short (medium) scale version of the highly acclaimed RBXA2 ultralight bass.

Features and specs are the same as in the 34" scale RBXA2 basses. 

The 32 1/2" scale makes it very easy to play this bass. If you have sall hands or have problems with 34 or 35" basses, look no further.

Instrument overall lenght is almos 4cm shorter than the RBX4A2, so it is also very easy to move around.

If you play in long sessions, you will have thought of a light bass many times. The problem is that if you are used to the sustain of a heavy bass, you'll probably find light basses lack the punch and power you like.

Yamaha engineers have come up with an advanced technology called Alternative Internal Resonance, or A.I.R. This technology combines lightweight and resonant softwoods sandwiched between harder tonewoods creating an instrument loaded with sustain and tone while maintaining an ultra lightweight construction

Two single coil pickups have been chosen to give this bass a clear tone. Controls are 2 Volume + 1 Tone. Turning up the neck pickup makes red L.E.D.'s around the pot light up, and so does the bridge pickup, except this time it is blue L.E.D.'s . This is again a nice cosmetic touch that really suits an innovative bass.

Note: this instruments weighs in at just 3 kg. Can you believe it?



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