Signature Jackson bass for John Campbell, bassist for Lamb of God & Burn the Priest.

Jackson is a brand with a high reputation for modern aggressive guitars, but they make some great basses too, from the classic Concert bass to the revolutionary Antigravity series. 

This is Jackson's top of the line production bass, and has a very comfortable body design and neck, and comes with a very nice piece of flamed maple with a transparent black finish.

The 24 fret neck is fast and it really invites you to use all types of techniques. Being a professional bassist that tourse the world, John Campbell needed a set of pickups that would deliver his trademark deep and clear tone night after night, so he chose active EMG's. We really like the combination of the split P pickup at the neck and the Musicman.type humbucker at the bridge. Lots of power here, and also versatility. The onboard active 3 band EQ offers Bass, Treble and sweepable Mids, adding even more options to the sound.

The Badass II bridge completes this very nice package, and is responsible in great manner for the excellent acoustic response, attack and clarity of this bass.

To sum up: a lightweight bass that is very easy to play, sounds amazing, looks great and is a plain bargain considering it is a signature model.

Jackson John Campbell Deluxe

Jackson John Campbell Deluxe

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