The Fender American Vintage Series reproduces meticulously specific basses from different years, paying special attention down to the smallest detail. If you are looking for and original L Series Fender from the 60's but don't have a huge wallet and don't want to cope with any issues (warped necks, weak sounding pickups, etc.), the American Vintage Series is the answer. This is a '57 Precision Bass, and it is a true workhorse. It replicates a P Bass from the late 50's, which is when most refinements over the original 1951 Preciosion Bass had been adopted: more efficient and powerful split coil pickup, 4 saddle bridge and some contour to the body for more comfort, as well as a larger headstock to remove unwanted ghost notes. The oputput of this bass is remarkable, and the tone can go from aggressive and guitar-wall cutting with the Tone wide open, to a smoother creamy sound with the Tone half way rolled down, reaching reggae and sub-low territory when you roll the Tone down completely. The classic P Bass with a 44mm nut makes you play this bass in a different way. Sounds great with a pick or fingerstyle. It comes with a tweed hardcase and all the bridge and pickup plates.  SPECIAL OFFER 1 piece only at this price.

Fender American Vintage 57 Precision Bass White Blonde

Body: Ash
Neck: Maple, lacquered
Fingerboard: Maple, lacquered
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 20
Pickups: Vintage Alnico Precision Bass
Electronics: Passive
Controls: Volumen, Tono
Neck width at nut (mm): 42mm
Scale (inches): 34"
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Fender American Vintage 57 Precision Bass White Blonde