• Gewa Double Bass Meister Rubner Model #62 (3/4)

This instrument belongs in the top range of German made GEWA double basses. It's been handmade at the Gewa shop in Adorf, Germany by master luthier Marko Ackert.

As you can see, the shape is the traditional gamba.

Back and sides made from solid top grade Bosnian sycamore. Selected tone crafted solid spruce top.

Open pore hand varnish in Golden-brown finish ensures protection and free vibration.

Inserted purfling enhances the beauty of this insturment.

A solid piece of first grade ebony is used for the fingerboard and it's been graduated for a perfect feel and trouble free performance.

The bass comes perfectly setup and includes Thomastik Belcanto strings which are perfect for arco as well as a traditional pizzicato sound. Of course we can install other strings in case you prefer to get a different sound or feel. Please ask us. We have a vast experience regarding double bass strings.

Individual top quality Rubner machine heads.

Lovely light aged finish.

String length is just 105cm which coupled with low shoulders make this a very easy to play bass in the upper register.

This is a lightweight instrument that resonates incredibly well. It is actually one of the loudest 3/4 double basses we've ever heard, rivalling even 4/4 basses. We love that.

The price includes our custom requirements for the set up at Gewa's shop in Germany. This makes all the difference, believe us, plus you save the time of having to take it to a luthier. You can play this particular bass the day you get it.

If you'd like to use this insturment live in an amplified setting just ask us about the different methods we can offer to get the absolutely best amplified tone. We are experts!

Gewa Double Bass Meister Rubner Model #62 (3/4)

Shape: Gamba
Top: handcarved European spruce
Back and sides: Flamed maple from Bosnia
Back type: Arched
Fingerboard: Frist grade ebony
Bridge: Aubert, Maple
Strings: Thomastik Belcanto
Scale: 3/4
Lenght of vibrating string: 105cm
Other: Set up at the Gewa shop on Germany for comfortable action as requested by us.
Machineheads: Rubner Individual
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Gewa Double Bass Meister Rubner Model #62 (3/4)