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For many years, Dan Lakin and his team in Chicago have been making one of the most successful (and copied) modern basses, combining some classic features with improved playability and updated electronics in a clever pickup arrangement (neck single coil + bridge splittable humbucker).

Apart from that series, Lakland are now offering a series of Signature basses, and you can choose between the following models: Darryl Jones, Bob Glaub, Jerry Scheff y Joe Osborn. All these basses have been created by working together with those great bass players, closely listening to their ideas and suggestions, and always taking their well known classic basses as a reference.

The idea behind the JoBo5 is to offer an updated and improved version of the trusted 60’s Jazz Bass that Joe has used in so many #1 recordings over the last 40+ years.

In case you are wondering if the world needs yet another Jazz Bass copy, we can assure you that there are several reasons why you should seriously consider this instrument:

1. A couple of Lindy Fralin single coils pump out that fat and meaty tone that you have come to expect from good 60’s Jazz Basses. The good news is that this bass sounds like a Jazz Bass in all 5 strings, plus the low B is simply amazing in focus, volume and definition, thanks to the 35” scale. Many Jazz 5 (including several Fender’s) sound too modern for some players, but you get all the vintage tone here.
2. The neck joint has been improved compared to vintage basses, and two graphite bars in the neck eliminate any dead spots.
3. The instrument’s low weight allows you to use in long gigs or extended recording sessions without breaking your back.
4. The neck’s profile is just wonderful. Obviously being a fiver it is going to be wider than a 4 string Jazz Bass, but for some reason it retains that same feeling of J.B. comfort in the first frets, plus it flattens gradually as you move up the neck. Without a doubt, this is one of the best 5 string necks we have tried.
5. Access to the last fret is surprisingly easy for a bolt on bass that has such a vintage inspiration. As you can see in the pictures, there are 22 frets, so if you’ve ever felt disappointed by 20 or 21 fret necks, here’s the answer

While the Aero pickups in the Darryl Jones bass seem to offer that classic 70’s sound, the Fralins in the JoBo5 are more biased towards the 60’s.
If you need more versatility, we can install a J-Retro preamp. This unit does nor require any modification to the instrument, and you will get a more powerful and versatile bass that can always work in passive mode.

If you are looking for a great 5 string bass with some modern features and top sound, be sure to check the 5502 model.

Lakland Joe Osborn 5 (Sunburst)

Lakland Joe Osborn 5 (Sunburst)

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